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Satisfied Clients Attest to Our Reliable, Superior Service

Ken Baylor, is a thorough professional in the field of security, litigation support and investigations. He is reliable, trustworthy and maintains high ethical standards. It's been a pleasure to work with Ken on several occasions.
Rubin De La Concha,
Managing Director at Pentad Security
Security and Investigations

Ken is a detailed oriented investigator who never loses sight of his goal. He is a pleasure to work with his upbeat and optimistic nature.
Mike McFarland,
Owner at Mike McFarland Consultant Services

Kenneth Baylor has been associated with Clark Investigations for over fifteen years. Mr. Baylor has demonstrated over time that he is a true professional who always exceeds expectations after accepting an assignment. When tasked with difficult assignments he has shown both innovation and perseverance in always getting the job done.  I would highly recommend KSB Security Consultants and Mr. Baylor. He would be an asset to any company that is fortunate enough to be associated with him.
Joseph Finn,
Clark Investigations and Security Corporation

KSB Security Consultants, LLC was first hired by my office to serve a family court petition on three different New York City agencies in September 2011. I called KSB Security Consultants the day before the court’s deadline. Mr. Baylor personally served all three city agencies within the twenty-four hour period of him being hired. I gave him the wrong address for one agency and he still managed to serve the petition on time!

Mr. Baylor is an exceptionally experienced, professional, knowledgeable, efficient process server and private investigator.

As a matrimonial and family law attorney, I valued and learned from my experience working with Mr. Baylor. I have since contacted and consulted him on several occasions for his professional opinion. It is an honor to offer my letter of recommendation for Kenneth Baylor and KSB Security Consultants, LLC.
Jonelle Phelps,
Attorney at Law

In the course of managing a large investigation and security company over the years, I have frequently been asked to serve legal papers on behalf of our clients. However, instead of performing this task in house, I have found it to be far more efficiant and cost effective to use the service of Kenneth Baylor and KSB Security Consultants, LLC.

He has always served the various legal papers properly and quickly provided complete documentation. I highly recommend using Kenneth Baylor's services for your process serving needs.
John McGettrick,
Vice President
Clark Investigations and Security Corporation

As a board member, Kenneth has been solid in his corporate negotiating skills and has been extremely instrumental to our organization as a whole. Countless times he has successfully utilized his skills in developing mutual beneficial partnerships for No Doubt, Inc. Additionally, KSB Security Consultants LLC monitors our Human Services Division providing quality assurance through effective investigative and security consulting. Over the past 10 years, Mr. Baylor has consistently demonstrated effective leadership abilities while providing technical assistance to our staff.
Jacqueline T. Denson
Executive Director
No Doubt, Inc.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the extra-ordinary effort you provided. The number one compliment any one can pay me is, I take the success or failure of serving papers personally. I feel very fortunate to have found a fellow process server who feels the same way.

In our business it’s very easy to tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. Not always clear is separating the good ones from the great ones. You, my friend, are a great one. From the timely and consistent follow up to the thorough inspection of the property and more, you did an outstanding job.

I hope you know you can count on getting more business thrown your way anytime I have a service in your area. I would be insane to even consider someone else.
Richard Brandt
Above Par