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About Us

New York Process Service Built on Integrity

Integrity, honor, respect – these are more than just words to Kenneth Baylor, the founder of KSB Security Consultants. They are the guiding principles and foundation of his successful business.

KSB Security Consultants’ mission is to provide clients with a network of innovative legal support services and solutions and a dedication to prompt quality customer service. We provide a full line of services including process service, skip tracing, court services, document management and security and investigative consulting.

Backed by over 16 years of investigative experience and more than six years in the process serving industry, Mr. Baylor gives personal attention to each and every client. He believes acting with integrity is far more important than obtaining results at any cost. “Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the history of your words and actions.” — Maria Razumich-Zec.

KSB Security Consultants has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing legal support services in a reliable, secure and ethical manner.

For Mr. Baylor, it is about more than just achieving a goal and getting results – it is all about professionally servicing each client according people with respect. He strives to consistently exceed client expectations and strengthen his company’s reputation.

16 Years Investigative Experience

Mr. Baylor graduated Cum Laude from Kaplan University with an A.A.S. Criminal Justice degree. During his 16-year investigative career, he was an award-winning manager and investigator.

For six years, Mr. Baylor was senior investigator for a major retail chain where he supervised up to 14 investigation professionals and established partnerships with federal, state and local law enforcement throughout the United States.

Adept at resource allocation, negotiating and conflict resolution, Mr. Baylor also held the position of general manager of a well known nationally recognized Private Investigation Company. In this role Mr. Baylor oversaw tactical and resources planning and the general direction of the companies New York and New Jersey offices. This also included developing training procedures to ensure technical and professional development of its investigators.

As busy as he is, Mr. Baylor believes in maintaining a healthy balance between his business and personal lives. He enjoys spending time with his family, giving back to his community through volunteer work and being active in his church.


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